Still hungry after Fifty Shades? Get ready for South Africa’s most erotic novel ever: The Ecstasy of Brush Strokes
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Baby, it’s cold outside …

Still hungry after Fifty Shades? The Ecstasy of Brush Strokes is a sexy, intelligent and sometimes shockingly candid story.

Loaded with desire and obsession, it promises to be South Africa’s most erotic novel ever.

About the book

Set in the Karoo during a relentlessly hot and steamy summer, Alex needs to get away from her claustrophobic marriage to dependable Mark and her ongoing obsession with her first love, Nicholas. She is a woman brooding on her sexual desires, both drawn to and repelled by her hunger. She tells herself she is on a quest to reawaken her urge to paint. But is she really?

Alone with just her fantasies and paintings, Alex is forced to self-reflect and come up with new plans; she finds no inspiration in the rolling tumbleweed and dirty grey browns of her soulless landscapes.

When the sultry Jessica arrives in the small town to join Pete, a swarthy set builder, as her live new models, things take on a whole new turn.

The smell of desire mixed with thick oil paints creates a palette of sensuality in the studio in the Karoo. Erotic boundaries are pushed as a ménage of erotic encounters unfold. But as the web of sensuality and intrigue intensifies, Alex finds she is unable to forget Nicholas. No matter where she runs, he is always under her skin. But will he give up his life in Canada and take a chance on Alex?

About the author

Written by a well-known South African author who has decided to remain anonymous. Rachel Haze is the nom de plume she has chosen in order for her not to lose her reputation.

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