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Jacana Media Solidarity Reads Day 11

Join forces with Detective Inspector Jabulani Sibanda deep in the Matabele bush.

‘Fans of Alexander McCall Smith will love Scotty Elliott’s Sibanda series … They have the same dry humour and warmth as the No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency stories, the same palpable affection for the people and the landscape, and detectives who solve crimes more by hunch and legwork than with forensics and technology’ – Sunday Times

Full of adventure and intrigue, the Sibanda detective trilogy by CM Elliot has now been optioned to be produced as a television series.

But while we wait for that, immerse yourself in the world of Detective Inspector Jabulani Sibanda, a bush-savvy policeman stationed at Gubu police station, in a large village on the borders of a national park in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.

Sibanda and the Rainbird

In CM Elliot’s first book in the series, a mutilated corpse is discovered in the park near the luxurious Thunduluka Lodge. At first it looks like the corpse was savaged by vultures, but on further inspection Sibanda quickly conludes that the victim was murdered for body parts.

With Sibanda are his sidekicks: Sergeant Ncube, an overweight, digestively challenged, severally married angler and mechanical genius, and Miss Daisy, an ancient, truculent and eccentric Land Rover that is the bane of Sibanda’s life and the love of Ncube’s.

Sibanda and Ncube pursue the investigation following the mysterious clues they find at the crime scene: tyre tracks, a knife inscribed with the letter ‘B’, and a sliver of blue metallic car paint …

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Sibanda and the Black Sparrow Hawk

Sibanda is back with his sharp instincts and hunger for justice. He returns to the bush territory. Accompanied by his trusty sidekicks, Sergeant Ncube and the troublesome Land Rover Miss Daisy, Sibanda is short on clues.

Armed with his intuition, a fragment of material found in the brain of one victim, a puncture wound in the thigh of another, and a diary full of coded names, he starts to build a case. Are the murders connected?

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Sibanda and the Death’s Head Moth

When a skinned body is discovered on the side of the railway line deep in the Matabele bush, Detective Inspector Sibanda is back on the trail of a murderer.

As more girls go missing and more bones are discovered, Sibanda realises they are dealing with the signature of a serial killer who chooses the train as his killing field. Suspects abound and Sibanda, Ncube and Miss Daisy pursue the leads relentlessly, but the warped psychopath is elusive. Has Sibanda met his match?

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