Siren, the debut novel by Kuli Roberts – a classic rags-to-riches tale, jam-packed with drama

Siren, the debut novel by television and radio personality Kuli Roberts, is out on 1 November 2019 from BlackBird Books!

‘Soon they were engaged in a bout of frantic fucking, Clifton moaning as he’d never moaned before, and when Zinhle reached orgasm her entire body trembled, having long been deprived of such pleasures. She’d been more intrusive this time, cupping his balls during oral sex and inserting her finger into his anus. It gave him pleasure, and she loved that it did, loved fucking him, loving everything about the whole experience.’

About the book

Meet Zinhle, the glamorous Siren, as she reels through the highs and lows of fame-seeking in Jozi.

Kuli Roberts’s debut novel is filled with sex, drugs, alcohol and tabloid scandals.

Abandoned by her father, Zinhle was raised by her single mother, Mabel, in Dobsonville. Growing up, she always knew she would be a superstar.

But her journey to stardom is filled with both pain and pleasure. She lives through a sham marriage, being a lover of a Nollywood high roller, attending sex parties and having an affair with a footballer. She bed hops from man to powerful man, overcoming cattiness, rivalry, cheating and dodgy agents. She has attitude and sass in bucket loads and is never far from the latest front-page scandal.

Siren, Kuli Roberts’s gripping debut novel, is a classic rags-to-riches tale, jam-packed with drama, hot sex and reversals of fortune that will keep readers zipping through the pages until the very end.

About the author

Kuli Roberts has enjoyed a long and varied career in the media industry. Starting at Fair Lady, as a journalist she has worked as Fashion and Beauty Editor for Drum, as a gossip columnist at You
magazine, as the editor of Pace and as a columnist for Sunday World. As a television presenter she has graced such iconic programmes as What Not to Wear, The Toasty Show, The Real Goboza and Trending on Style. She is currently one of the main hosts of the popular TV show Trending SA (SABC 3), keeping a keen and perceptive eye on all that is current on social media. Siren is her first novel and foray into the world of fiction.

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