‘Searching for work that celebrates black joy’ – Koleka Putuma chats to Africa in Dialogue
 More about the book!

Koleka Putuma, who is is scheduled to release her debut collection of poems, Collective Amnesia, in April 2017, was interviewed by Gaamangwe Mogami for Africa in Dialogue recently.

When violence is inflicted on a black body, the world doesn’t flinch because it has been so normalized. I want to document the moments when I experience immense joy and pleasure so I can normalize those in my own life. I am learning that those moments are just as important and valid.  I am learning, that it is okay to have a crush on someone for six months, its okay to desire someone, its okay to flirt, it’s okay to want sex, and all these things we are not allowed to indulge in for too long.

For the full interview, click on the link above.

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  • Collective Amnesia was recommended to me today by someone who knows his stuff. Very much looking forward to reading it.