Pan Macmillan South Africa to publish debut book by Iman Rappetti in 2018
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Pan Macmillan South Africa has announced it will publish a memoir by well-known journalist and presenter Iman Rappetti. The book will be released in South Africa in 2018.

‘To have the extraordinary opportunity to become an actual author is something I’ve only ever dreamed of,’ Rappetti says. ‘My 14-year-old self is dancing and shaking with excitement.

‘Finally, the musings, writings that were either stored in a shoebox under my bed or were simply invisible words that made up my childhood thoughts, get to have clothing and get to come to life.’

Terry Morris, Managing Director of Pan Macmillan South Africa, said: ‘It is wonderful for Pan Macmillan to be able to team up with a journalist of the calibre of Iman Rappetti to publish her book.

‘Iman is well known for her radio and television broadcasting work and she reaches South Africans from all walks of life with her outstanding journalism, keeping them informed, but also entertained. Iman’s daily intros on Power98.7 are beautifully crafted and have become much-loved and awaited by fans. We look forward to sharing her memoir and writing with readers.’

Pan Macmillan South Africa acquired World rights for the book.

For all press enquiries please contact Veronica Napier at Pan Macmillan:

Tel: 084 775 3709

About Iman Rappetti

Iman Rappetti is a seasoned South African journalist. She hosts the award-winning daytime talk show PowerTalk on Power98.7 weekday mornings, and until very recently also hosted independent television network eNCA’s daily flagship programme NewsNight. Her bread and butter is covering politics and its complex, often troubling, intersections with daily life. Iman counts it as her duty to ensure people are able to find out more, question more, and have access to their public representatives more. Iman has worked on stories all the way from Tehran, Iran, to Phoenix, Durban, and will continue to hold a mirror and megaphone to all communities in South Africa, with the aim of promoting accountability and widening access to opportunity. She has interviewed and interacted with personalities such as former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke, Ray Phiri, Dennis Goldberg, Adv George Bizos, former President Thabo Mbeki, President Jacob Zuma, former First Lady Michelle Obama, former First Lady Zanele Mbeki, Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, Former first Lady Cherie Blair, as well as other prominent world leaders, artists and academics. Her most meaningful interactions, she says, come from women and men who despite poverty and adversity, continue to work, hope and believe that they have a powerful role to play in developing the South Africa its martyrs fought for.

About Pan Macmillan South Africa

Pan Macmillan South Africa is one of the largest general book publishers in South Africa, with a list of local titles published under the Picador Africa and Macmillan imprints. Our focus is to publish high-quality books that have appeal for a broad audience and profile influential and noteworthy South Africans and their stories. Find out more at

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