New book alert! Margie Orford’s compelling, intimate and profound memoir Love and Fury
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Love and Fury: A Memoir by bestselling crime writer Margie Orford is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

‘Writing enabled me to escape my body, and to inhabit a cerebral, disembodied state where I could think and feel without being overwhelmed.’

Love and Fury traces a woman’s fierce love and righteous rage, unravelling entanglements that are at once tender and traumatic.

Renowned South African crime writer Margie Orford offers candid revelations, both political and personal, which have shaped her life and influenced her writing.

Surviving marriage, divorce, depression, personal loss and sexual assault, Orford recounts memories of what she has experienced as a woman, a wife, a mother – and particularly as a writer.

Love and Fury demonstrates the enduring, debilitating effects of hurt and harm, but at the same time it exemplifies the power of love, self-belief and self-reflection, ultimately offering a message of hope.

​This book is for every person who has experienced passion and wrath – and who looks beyond this to the light.

About the author

Margie Orford is an internationally acclaimed writer and an award-winning journalist. Her most recent novel is The Eye of the Beholder. Her Clare Hart novels have been widely translated and led to her being described as the ‘queen of South African crime-thriller writers’ (The Weekender). She has a PhD in creative writing, has written many children’s books as well as nonfiction on climate change and human rights. She was the patron of Rape Crisis, is president emerita of PEN South Africa and was an executive board member of PEN International. She has lived in Namibia and South Africa, but now lives in London.

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