[Listen] What if you could feel more in control of your stress levels? Noa Belling discusses her new book Stress Less on Pagecast

This week on Pagecast, the podcast from Jonathan Ball Publishers, Sean Loots interviews international bestselling and award-winning author Noa Belling about her latest book, Stress Less!

How have your stress levels been lately? Has stress left you feeling depleted and tired, or moody and irritable?

Stress, anxiety and depression have become a sign of our times. We continue to face global crises like climate change and war or threats of war in parts of the world that affect us all through our shared humanity and the global economy. Then there is the continuation of a modern, fast-paced, highly competitive lifestyle to contend with, which can affect young and old alike.

Belling has put together a tried and tested, scientifically backed and power-packed toolkit to help you. It targets different ways that stress can show up in our lives, which might leave some of us depleted and depressed and others wired and anxious.

Loots is an award-winning radio host, acclaimed MC and voice-over artist.

Enjoy the chat!

Pagecast offers you insider interviews with recently published authors, looking into the process of writing, exploring the narratives within and providing you with the story behind the story.

Listen to the latest episode here:

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