Listen to an excerpt from Christian Cantrell’s Scorpion – a fast-paced near future thriller that will mess with your head
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Scorpion by Christian Cantrell – a gripping international cat-and-mouse thriller with an ending you won’t see coming …

Around the world, people have been murdered. The victims fit no profile, the circumstances vary wildly, but one thing links them all: in every case the victim is branded with a number.

With police around the globe floundering, CIA Analyst Quinn Mitchell is called in to investigate. No-one is better than Quinn at finding patterns, and it’s not long before she’s on the killer’s tail. As she races against time to find out who the killer is, she is prepared to catch this ice-hearted assassin with limitless resources.

What she isn’t prepared for is the person pulling the strings …

Listen to an excerpt from Scorpion here:

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