‘It’s my most personal book’: Pumla Dineo Gqola chats to Eusebius McKaiser about Reflecting Rogue
 More about the book!

Eusebius McKaiser chatted to Pumla Dineo Gqola on 702 about her new book, Reflecting Rogue.

Reflecting Rogue is Gqola’s much-anticipated and brilliant collection of experimental autobiographical essays on power, pleasure and South African culture.

McKaiser says he believes Reflecting Rogue is Gqola’s best book yet.

‘Ever book feels so different, in the writing of it,’ Gqola says. ‘And there’s always some level of anxiety.

‘The strange thing about this book is that … I was nervous for different reasons,’ she continued. ‘I was nervous because I was putting a little bit more of myself, or a lot more of myself [in the book].

‘So I was nervous about whether I could pull it off so that it was interesting and engaging and resonated and connected and didn’t feel like … reality TV.’

Gqola says Reflecting Rogue is ‘my most personal book’, but adds that it is not conventionally autobiographical.

Listen to the podcast:

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