‘It was time to speak out’ – Tracy Going on her memoir Brutal Legacy
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Tracy Going spoke to Leanne Manas in the Morning Live studio about her new memoir, Brutal Legacy.

The book recounts the violent, abusive relationship that culminated in Going’s battered face being splashed across the media back in the late 1990s.

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‘I’ve always known I was going to write a book one day, but I think healing is a process, and now I felt it was time,’ Going says.

‘I think it was really the Oscar Pistorius trial and then subsequently seeing all these high profile murders, we’ve seen Jade [Panayiotou], Susan Rohde, we’ve seen Gill Packham in Cape Town, we’ve got Karabo Mokoena, all these women being murdered, and it just really was time to speak out.’

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Former TV and Radio broadcast journalist Tracy Going has now added author to her list of accolades after the release of her debut memoir titled Brutal Legacy.

The book gives the reader a vivid account of Tracy’s abusive relationship that made headlines across the nation in the 90s.

More than two decades after the incident occurred, she has grippingly documented her journey in an effort to highlight issues surrounding women abuse and how easy it is to be in an abusive relationship and not know it.

We welcome back Tracy to the Morning Live Studios to help us unpack this shocking read:

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