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Solidarity Reads: Novelist, instigator, doctor, Kopano Matlwa is our bestselling author of the month

Well known for her fiction and for her groundbreaking efforts in the medical field, Kopano Matlwa is one of South Africa’s most prized and celebrated authors.

Her pioneering novel Coconut, published in 2007 as the European Union Debut Fiction award winner, went on to win the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa and to date has sold more than 30,000 copies, with several translations.

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The rich and pampered Ofilwe has taken her privileged lifestyle for granted, and must confront her swiftly dwindling sense of culture when her soulless world falls apart. Meanwhile, the hip and sassy Fiks is an ambitious go-getter desperate to leave her vicious past behind for the glossy sophistication of city life, but finds Johannesburg to be more complicated and unforgiving than she expected. With post-apartheid South Africa as its backdrop these two women’s stories artfully come together to illustrate the weight of history upon a new generation in the country.

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Spilt Milk

A story of two passionate people who share a shameful past and a tenuous present, this remarkable narrative follows headmistress Mohumagadi – of the elite Sekolo sa Ditlhora school for talented black children – and Father Bill, a disgraced preacher, as they are brought together again decades after a childhood love affair expelled them from their communities. Much to the dismay of her students, Mohumagadi hires Father Bill as a teacher, resulting in a battle of wills and wits for the hearts and minds of the children living in the shadow of revolution and change. Entertaining and thought-provoking, this unique account offers insight into the workings of African culture.

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Period Pain

Matlwa’s third novel captures the heartache and confusion of so many South Africans who feel defeated by the litany of headline horrors – xenophobia, corrective rape, corruption and crime and for many the death sentence that is the public health nightmare. We meet Masechaba, and through her story we are able to reflect, to question and to rediscover our humanity. Period Pain helps us navigate our South Africa. Where are we going, what have we become?

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