Can World Health Organisation rules be applied to South Africa? Find out in 2 excellent Jacana Media ebooks – at 21% off

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For the 21-day lockdown period Jacana Media is curating a series of ebook special offers from its extensive catalogue of titles.

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Jacana Media Solidarity Reads Day 5

Understanding the history of pandemics in our region is as important as bringing the best minds to consider the regional and socioeconomic impact of the ‘flattening the curve’ rules in Africa.

As we settle into week 1 of lockdown, we are becoming more savvy about the information we consume on the COVID-19 pandemic. We bring you two excellent reads on pandemics and epidemics in the region.


Plague, Pox and Pandemics

by Howard Phillips

This is the first history of epidemics in South Africa with a focus on lethal episodes that significantly shaped our society over three centuries.

Focusing on five devastating diseases between the 1700s and the recent past – smallpox, bubonic plague, Spanish flu, polio and HIV/Aids – this book probes their origin, their catastrophic course and their consequences in both the short and long term.



Epidemics and the Health of African Nations

a MISTRA Publication

In this book authors extract lessons from case studies in different parts of Africa to challenge conventional frameworks about disease to argue for a multifaceted ‘syndemics’ approach.

This approach takes account of the interrelationship between disease and political and socioeconomic contexts, while also examining the factors affecting the efficacy of frontline healthcare workers. Furthermore the book explores diseases and health challenges that will face Africa in the future.

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