All the Money in the World by John Pearson: The true story of the infamous Getty kidnapping
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When 16-year-old Paul Getty was kidnapped, the news exploded worldwide. But his grandfather, J Paul Getty, the richest living American, refused to pay the ransom.

In All the Money in the World, a full biography of the Getty family, John Pearson traces the creation of their phenomenal wealth and the ways in which it has touched and tainted the lives of various generations.

Packed with colourful characters, bitter feuds and unexpected turns, All the Money in the World is a riveting insight into the lives of the super-rich.

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Pearson is the author of the bestselling Life of Ian Fleming; a biography of the Kray brothers, The Profession of Violence, and its follow-up, The Cult of Violence; as well as accomplished studies of the Sitwells, Winston Churchill and the Royal Family.

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