Africa Reimagined by Hlumelo Biko – Realistic steps to return to a more balanced Afrocentric identity
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Africa Reimagined: Reclaiming a Sense of Abundance and Prosperity by Hlumelo Biko is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers!

The book will be launched on Wednesday, 17 April 2019 at Love Books in Melville.

Africa Reimagined is a passionately argued appeal for a rediscovery of our African identity. Going beyond the problems of a single country, Hlumelo Biko calls for a reorientation of values, on a continental scale, to suit the needs and priorities of Africans. Building on the premise that slavery, colonialism, imperialism and apartheid fundamentally unbalanced the values and indeed the very self-concept of Africans, he offers realistic steps to return to a more balanced Afrocentric identity.

Historically, African values were shaped by a sense of abundance, in material and mental terms, and by strong ties of community. The intrusion of religious, economic and legal systems imposed by conquerors, traders and missionaries upset this balance, and the African identity was subsumed by the values of the newcomers.

Biko shows how a reimagining of Africa can restore the sense of abundance and possibility, and what a rebirth of the continent on Pan-African lines might look like. This is not about the churn of the news cycle or party politics – although he identifies the political party as one of the most pernicious legacies of colonialism. Instead, drawing on latest research, he offers a practical, pragmatic vision anchored in the here and now.

By looking beyond identities and values imposed from outside, and transcending the divisions and frontiers imposed under colonialism, it should be possible for Africans to develop fully their skills, values and ingenuity, to build institutions that reflect African values, and to create wealth for the benefit of the continent as a whole.

About the author

Hlumelo Biko is a Pan-Africanist and entrepreneur. He has been a private equity and venture capital professional for 20 years during which time he has been involved in buying or selling close to 30 companies. He is a passionate supporter of African entrepreneurs, having spent 15 years as a board member of Endeavor South Africa. He is a dedicated philanthropist which has been expressed in his work for the Baxter Theatre, African Schools For Excellence and Kommunity Group Projects. He was educated at the University of Cape Town and Georgetown University.

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