The Krugersdorp Cult Killings: Inside Cecilia Steyn's reign of terror

Behind the scenes of Devilsdorp: Jana Marx shares all about her first day on set

In a moving personal account of her first day on the set of Devilsdorp, Jana Marx shares her experience of narrating and consulting on the Showmax Original documentary.

‘My grade 9 teacher is a serial killer!’ Watch the trailer for Devilsdorp, narrated by Jana Marx (Plus, check out all the tweets)

Attention, all true crime fans! You can now watch the original true crime documentary series Devilsdorp on Showmax, narrated by journalist Jana Marx.

Now available as audiobook! The Krugersdorp Cult Killings: Inside Cecilia Steyn’s Reign of Terror by Jana Marx

Great news for fans of true crime and real-life South African stories! Jana Marx’s explosive exposé of convicted murderer Cecilia Steyn is now available as audiobook.