Suzan Hackney

Jonathan Ball Publishers joins the audiobook revolution: Now you can listen to your favourite South African books!

A leader in the field of local publishing in history, politics and current affairs, Jonathan Ball Publishers has now joined the audiobook revolution!

Join Suzan Hackney and Karina M Szczurek for the launch of Tsk Tsk: The Story of a Child at Large at Kalk Bay Books

If you’re in Cape Town, join Jonathan Ball Publishers for the launch of Tsk Tsk: The Story of a Child at Large by Suzan Hackney at Kalk Bay Books!

Tsk-Tsk: The Story of a Child at Large, a startling memoir by Suzan Hackney

When Suzan is adopted by a well-to-do Pietermaritzburg family in the late 1960s, she is set on a collision course with her adoptive mother and with polite society. Suzan grabs her childhood life with unrestrained zeal and boundless energy – an exuberance that is barely tolerated by her mother, and which spirals into rebellion, landing her in a place of safety at the age of 13.