Open Secrets

Durban, The Unaccountables book tour is heading your way! Don’t miss the book’s launch at Ike’s Books and Collectables (24 Nov)

Jacana Media invite you to the launch of The Unaccountables: The Powerful Politicians and Corporations who Profit from Impunity, edited by Michael Marchant, Mamello Mosiana, Ra’eesa Pather and Hennie van Vuuren.

SLAPP Suits and Jack Boots – what happens when the powerful attempt to silence publishers and authors? (25 May)

Join Rehana Rossouw as she reveals the details of a R20-million SLAPP suit brought against her and Jacana Media.

Profiting from Misery: Don’t miss a Jacana Conversation in partnership with Open Secrets

Profiting from Misery: Open Secrets investigates the corporations and politicians who make money from corrupt arms deals and war crimes and how we can hold them to account.

New book Apartheid Guns & Money reveals the secret international alliances of the apartheid government

In his new book Apartheid Guns and Money: A tale of profit, Hennie van Vuuren shines a light on apartheid’s corruption secrets.