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What makes an African city? Don’t miss this Jacana Media Conversation (28 Jul)

Join Jacana Media for a conversation on what makes an African city.

Mandela: Saint or Sell-out? Don’t miss a Jacana Media Don’t Shut Up conversation on correcting the Mandela myth (18 Jul)

Many are familiar with two versions of Nelson Mandela. Both versions render the man a myth, requiring that he is either venerated as single-handedly achieving democracy or demonised for the shortcomings of that very same democracy.

Join Anne Biccard for the launch of her memoir – Holding My Breath: Further Exploits of an ER Doctor (22 Jun)

She’s holding her breath. Here’s why. You’re invited to step into a world of true grit. Join Dr Anne Biccard in conversation …

Don’t Shut Up Jacana Conversation: Don’t miss Terry-Ann Adams and Niq Mhlongo talking short story writing with Rehana Rossouw (23 May)

What can you do to catch a glimpse of a life, feel the distilled prose and watch the speed of light, all in one sitting?

By reading a short story.

Will this be the most explosive book launch of the year?

Ebrahim Harvey attacks the ANC in his ‘tour de force’ of a book The Great Pretenders: Race and Class under ANC Rule.

Profiting from Misery: Don’t miss a Jacana Conversation in partnership with Open Secrets

Profiting from Misery: Open Secrets investigates the corporations and politicians who make money from corrupt arms deals and war crimes and how we can hold them to account.

Don’t miss the launch of The Great Pretenders – a stinging critique of the ANC by veteran political analyst Ebrahim Harvey (5 May)

Join Ebrahim Harvey, author of The Great Pretenders: Race and Class under ANC Rule, in a Don’t Shut Up Jacana Conversation.

Watch Rešoketšwe Manenzhe in conversation with Jennifer Malec about her award-winning novel Scatterlings

Rešoketšwe Manenzhe chatted to Jennifer Malec recently about her debut novel Scatterlings.

By the Fading Light – don’t miss author Ashraf Kagee in conversation with Rehana Rossouw (14 Apr)

Award-winning author Ashraf Kagee’s second novel, By the Fading Light, tells a dazzling tale of the loss of innocence.

How will we remember Covid-19? Join Howard Phillips to find out what previous outbreaks in South Africa tell us about pandemic memories (16 Mar)

Join Jacana Media, with author Emeritus Professor Howard Phillips, a specialist in the social history of medicine, especially in respect of pandemics, and Bhekisisa editor-in-chief Mia Malan on our Don’t Shut Up Conversation series as they try to use past pandemics in South Africa to illuminate the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find out more about Don’t Shut Up – a new virtual book theatre launched by Jacana Media

Jacana Media is offering a virtual book theatre on its new platform Don’t Shut Up!