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Captivating and lushly written, Yangsze Choo’s The Night Tiger explores the rich world of servants and masters, ancient superstition and modern ambition, sibling rivalry and unexpected love.

They say a tiger that devours too many humans can take the form of a man and walk among us …

In 1930s colonial Malaya, a dissolute British doctor receives a surprise gift of an 11-year-old Chinese houseboy. Sent as a bequest from an old friend, young Ren has a mission: to find his dead master’s severed finger and reunite it with his body. Ren has 49 days, or else his master’s soul will roam the earth forever.

Ji Lin, an apprentice dressmaker, moonlights as a dancehall girl to pay her mother’s debts. One night, Ji Lin’s dance partner leaves her with a gruesome souvenir that leads her on a crooked, dark trail.

As time runs out for Ren’s mission, a series of unexplained deaths occur amid rumours of tigers who turn into men. In their journey to keep a promise and discover the truth, Ren and Ji Lin’s paths will cross in ways they will never forget.

Woven through with Chinese folklore and a tantalising mystery, this novel is a page-turner of the highest order.

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I love this little animated book trailer from my UK publisher, Quercus! And yes, that's me on an excerpt from the audio book 😉

Posted by Yangsze Choo on Tuesday, December 18, 2018


About the author

Yangsze Choo is a fourth-generation Malaysian of Chinese descent. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Harvard, she worked as a management consultant before writing her first novel, the New York Times bestseller The Ghost Bride. She lives in California with her family and several chickens and loves to eat and read (often at the same time). The Night Tiger would not have been possible without large quantities of dark chocolate.


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