The new Lauren Beukes? Find out more about Tammy Baikie’s award-winning debut novel Selling LipService
 More about the book!

Selling LipService, Tammy Baikie’s remarkable debut novel, was the winner of the Dinaane Debut Fiction Award, and is out now from Jacana Media.

Daring in scope and exhibiting exhilarating virtuosity, it takes South African fiction into a space last seen with Lauren Beukes’s Zoo City.

“I was one of them – just as stroke-stricken, equally lost for words. We were as kinbled as our brain MRIs pinned up, on the wall of the ward. Each one with an almost identical inkblot lesion – a black mark against our names and the naming of all things.”

About the book:

Since coming of haemorrh-age, Frith must wear a LipService patch to write or speak. The words the patch produces are not her own. Scripted by copywriters, they promote one sponsoring brand or another. With them, ‘You’ – a voice in her head that is the patch’s brand persona and her conformist alter ego – appears.

Through the noise of You talking a variety of different LipService brands, Frith struggles to find her way back to speaking for herself. She believes her tastures – her ability to taste things she touches – are the key. But other elements of this consumerist society are equally interested in tastures for commercial gain.

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Listen to Baikie chatting about the novel with Tamara LePine-Williams on Classic FM:


Tamara LePine-Williams speaks to Tammy Baikie, author of Selling LipService, winner of the Dinaane Debut Fiction Award.

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  • I find this a bit of an unfortunate title. Lauren Beukes will still be Lauren Beukes and I wonder if Baikie would appreciate having her book marketed on the back of another author.