The new episode of Pagecast is out now! Nicola Bruns chats to Bobby Palmer about his magical debut novel Isaac and the Egg
 More about the book!

In this week’s episode of Pagecast, the podcast from Jonathan Ball Publishers, co-producer Nicola Bruns chats to Bobby Palmer about his book Isaac and the Egg.

Pagecast offers you insider interviews with recently published authors, looking into the process of writing, exploring the narratives within and providing you with the story behind the story.

Heartbreaking and heart-stealing, Isaac and the Egg is a modern-day fable, an unforgettable novel about sorrow, joy, friendship and love.

About the book

It is early. A young man stands on a bridge and lets out a heart-wrenching scream. From deep in the woods, something screams back.

It sounds improbable. But this is how Isaac meets the egg.

The two are unlikely companions. But their chance encounter will transform Isaac’s life in ways he cannot yet imagine.

Maybe he will finally understand why he went there that morning. Maybe he will find a way to tell the truth.

Sometimes, to get out of the woods, you have to go into them.

Listen to the latest episode here:

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