The new episode of Pagecast is out now! Evert Kleynhans in conversation with Boris Gorelik on his book A Russian on Commando
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In the new episode of Pagecast, the podcast from Jonathan Ball Publishers, Evert Kleynhans chats to Boris Gorelik about his new book A Russian on Commando: The Boer War Experiences of Yevgeny Avgustus, joined by Professor Fransjohan Pretorius.

In January 1900, galvanised by the daring of the Boers in taking on imperial Britain, the young Russian officer Yevgeny Avgustus set off for the Transvaal to fight in the Anglo-Boer War. Like most of the foreign volunteers who flocked to the Boer cause, he ended up on the Natal front.

Avgustus and his companions joined the Krugersdorp Commando, and their experiences in the field are portrayed in vivid detail. The central part of this gripping account covers the Battle of the Tugela Heights in February 1900 and the Boers’ subsequent retreat. The immediacy of Avgustus’s writing captures his trepidation and excitement as he approaches the battlefield for the first time, as well as his experience of life on commando.

A Russian on Commando is a gripping portrayal of human frailty and courage in the face of mortal danger, highlighting both the strange attraction and the absurdities of war.

Listen to the latest episode here:

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