Take Charge by Nyimpini Mabunda – the perfect toolkit to take you to the top
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‘I believe there are many potential leaders out there who simply lack the self-belief and toolkit to begin their own journey to the top.’

Take Charge: Life Lessons on the Road to CEO by Nyimpini Mabunda is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

‘Nyimpini’s curiosity and approach to leadership – through servant leadership and the ability to believe in yourself, even when doubts claw at your subconscious – are practical lessons and inspirations that are relevant to every reader …’ – Robbie Brozin, Nando’s Co-founder

Join Nyimpini Mabunda on his journey from his childhood in an apartheid-era homeland to the CEO’s office at one of the world’s best-known businesses.

In a career spanning Procter & Gamble, Nando’s, Diageo, Boston Consulting Group, Vodacom and General Electric in South Africa, the UK and Uganda, Mabunda shows why he strives for continuous and active improvement of his business acumen and leadership skills.

Mabunda’s path offers insight and practical advice for anyone who wants to succeed in their career, to build and lead a business.

Expect inspiration and personal examples of how to:

  • Spot opportunities
  • Learn from business setbacks
  • Grow an organisation by mentoring talented people
  • Make the most of every situation
  • Achieve well-being and manage stress

This is the perfect toolkit to take you to the top.

About the author

Nyimpini Mabunda is the CEO of General Electric in Southern Africa and chairman of the US-South Africa Business at US Chamber of Commerce. He sits on several boards and is a regular speaker at events. He hails from what was then called Gazankulu, got his first degree at UCT at the age of 18, started his professional career at a multinational at 19 and became a line manager at 21. Mabunda lives in Johannesburg.

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