Sorbet Group founder Ian Fuhr shares the inspiration behind his new book The Soul of Sorbet
 More about the book!

The Soul of Sorbet, by Ian Fuhr and Johanna Stamps Egbe, is out now from Pan Macmillan!

The book follows on from the success of Fuhr’s first book, Get That Feeling: The Story of a Serial Entrepreneur.

Fuhr’s working career is lined with a number of entrepreneurial start-up businesses. These include, among others, a retail chain, a recording company, a human relations and customer service consultancy and now a venture into the beauty industry. Ian is the founder and CEO of the Sorbet Group.

Sorbet is now the largest beauty franchise business in Africa. In just twelve years the business has gone from being mistaken for an ice-cream shop to being a household name across South Africa. Sorbet London recently opened in the bustling suburbs of Muswell Hill and Crouch End and now has five stores. The Sorbet Group anticipates having 220 salons by the end of 2018.

The dramatic growth of the brand over the past five years has driven business leaders to ask the question, ‘What is so different about Sorbet?’

In an article on the business’s website, Fuhr explains his success.

‘If you focus on your people and create a working environment in which they feel nurtured, cared for, content and inspired, they will motivate themselves to serve their customers to the best of their ability,’ he says.


According to Fuhr, the ‘magical pixie dust’ that sets his business model apart is the positive attitudes of people when they deliver extraordinary guest service. This is the vital clue to the success of the company; its commitment to goodness, human connection, solid humility and touching people’s lives – starting with steps as small as listening, caring and remaining professionally consistent in their service.

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