She saves strangers’ lives: Meet Dr Anne Biccard, author of the word-of-mouth bestseller Saving a Strangers Life: The Diary of an Emergency Room Doctor
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Join Jacana Media for a Don’t Shut Up Conversation between author Anne Biccard – writer, stray dog collector and the doctor we know you’d want on call – and her editor Michele Magwood, award-winning journalist and critic and the former books editor of the Sunday Times.

Saving a Strangers Life: The Diary of an Emergency Room Doctor has become a word-of-mouth bestseller since it was published in November last year.

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Date: Tuesday 9 February 2021
Time:  6pm SAST
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Anne Biccard has worked as an emergency room doctor in Johannesburg for more than 30 years. It is a job that is both terrifying and thrilling, where death can be outwitted by skill and quick thinking, and the pressure eased by dark humour.

The coronavirus, however, has added another dimension of fear. In this heartwarming and at times hilarious memoir, she recounts some of the cases that have burst in through her doors, such as the woman who mistook her Dettol for beer and the man who tried to run down his cardiologist. There is sadness, too, as she remembers the patients who didn’t make it. Above all, she writes of the camaraderie and dogged determination of health workers holding fast in the face of the Covid-19 nightmare as they battle, every day, to save a stranger’s life.

‘It’s like being part of a real Grey’s Anatomy team.’ – Keamogetswe Molope, Jacana Media

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