Saving a Stranger’s Life

Join Anne Biccard for the launch of her memoir – Holding My Breath: Further Exploits of an ER Doctor (22 Jun)

She’s holding her breath. Here’s why. You’re invited to step into a world of true grit. Join Dr Anne Biccard in conversation …

She saves strangers’ lives: Meet Dr Anne Biccard, author of the word-of-mouth bestseller Saving a Strangers Life: The Diary of an Emergency Room Doctor

Join Jacana Media for a Don’t Shut Up Conversation between author Anne Biccard – writer, stray dog collector and the doctor we know you’d want on call – and her editor Michele Magwood, award-winning journalist and critic and the former books editor of the Sunday Times.

Read an interview with Anne Biccard, author of Saving a Stranger’s Life – the true story of an emergency room doctor facing off against Covid-19 in Joburg

Doctor, writer, stray dog collector – get to know Anne Biccard, the doctor we know you’d want on call.