Pan Macmillan SA is calling for commercial fiction submissions

Have you written a tragic romance, a nail-biting thriller or a family drama with a jaw-dropping plot twist?

Pan Macmillan South Africa’s open submission period runs from 15 to 22 June 2020.

Send your manuscript in and see what they think!

From Pan Macmillan SA:

This year we’ve decided to focus on commercial fiction because we believe it is important for us to keep discovering new voices in this space. We might not be able to publish them all but we can do our part to encourage these writers, help develop their work and maybe put them on the radar.

For six weeks our editorial staff and team of external readers will dedicate their time and expertise to your work. If it’s unputdownable, sucks you in from page three, and tugs at your emotions so much that you forget it’s fiction, then we want to read it.

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