New isiZulu publishing company Kwasukela Books launches with call for submissions
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New isiZulu fiction publishing company Kwasukela Books is launching with a call for submissions for its first anthology of short stories.

Entitled Izinkanyezi Ezintsha (‘New Stars’), the anthology will feature speculative fiction from emerging writers.

The name ‘Kwasukela’ draws on the storytelling of izinganekwane – folktales. Izinganekwane form part of South Africa’s literary heritage, and isiZulu storytelling in particular.

Founder and CEO Wade Smit believes that izinganekwane should influence how we think of literature in South Africa. He says: ‘Instead of trying to imitate stories that come out of the West, we should interrogate what it means to tell stories from the South African perspective.’

We are looking for isiZulu short fiction that explores beyond our reality, beyond our world, and our assumptions. Think spirits, the universe, strange creatures, and magic.

Writers are encouraged to delve into speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy to create stories that will bring new worlds to life.

We want bold, creative, and innovative fiction that captures our imagination!

Kwasukela Books will be accepting submissions for their first collection between 1 September 2017 and 1 October 2017.

Prizes will be awarded for first place (R1,000) and runner up (R500).

Kwasukela Books wants to bring isiZulu literature into the mainstream South African literary scene. By combining the accessibility of social media with the tradition of print media, Kwasukela Books presents itself as a modern platform for writers and readers to explore isiZulu storytelling.

In the future, Kwasukela Books will publish more anthologies through submission, and novels and novellas through solicitation.

If you would like more information, please call Wade Smit at 081 039 5902 or email

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