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By the Fading Light is an astonishing evocation of Salt River in 1960, and follows the lives of three friends who play a prank that places their lives at risk.

Set in the shadow of the Sharpeville massacre, the lives of four young boys is woven together in a beautiful story of lost innocence, the uncertainty of kinship ties, and the unbending nature of fate.

‘If only Amin Gabriels had not taken the long way home that winter’s day in August 1960. If only he’d gone his usual route after leaving his friends when the school day was over, as he did every other evening. But the fact of the matter was that Amin, son of Shaheed and Rukya Gabriels of Fenton Road, Salt River, pupil at the esteemed Cecil Road Primary School, master player of the game of marbles, avid reader of highly coloured comic books, perpetrator of pranks that only jinns in the netherworld could imagine, teller of silly jokes and proud owner of a Mickey Mouse watch that his granny had given him for his 11th birthday, had a good reason for prolonging his walk and delaying his arrival at home.’ – By the Fading Light by Ashraf Kagee

About the author

Ashraf Kagee is a psychologist, academic and writer. He studied in South Africa and the United States and is currently Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Stellenbosch University. His first novel, Khalil’s Journey, won the European Union Literary Award in 2012 and the South African Literary Award in 2013. By the Fading Light is his second novel.

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