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Exposure by Louis Greenberg is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

In an alternate Britain, an immersive theatre like no other unravels a mystery from beyond the grave. Perfect for fans of Black Mirror.

In a Britain akin to this one, Vincent Rice falls off a ladder, literally at Petra Orff’s feet. They introduce themselves, and immigrant Petra senses a kindred spirit in Vincent’s complex sense of home. He offers to take her to Metamuse, an alternative theatre experience like no other that he won tickets to in a competition he doesn’t remember entering.

The first show leaves them besotted with each other; the second is far more disturbing. Inexplicable occurrences pile on top of one another, all connected to the mysterious Metamuse.

Only Petra can see the web of sinister coincidences surrounding them both and, with injustices both past and present weighing on her mind, she begins to wonder if Metamuse is more than just a show …

About the author

Louis Greenberg is a Johannesburg-bred author, editor and writing tutor. He was a bookseller for several years, and has a Master’s degree in vampire fiction and a doctorate in post-religious apocalyptic fiction. His first novel , The Beggars’ Signwriters, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, and he’s also the author of Dark Windows and Green Valley. As SL Grey, he co-writes horror fiction with Sarah Lotz, including The Mall and The Apartment. He is currently based in England.

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