Listen to the new episode of Pagecast! Sam Beckbessinger chats to Jenna Berkowitz about her new book Moving to the UK: A Concise Guide for South Africans
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In this week’s episode of Pagecast, the podcast from Jonathan Ball Publishers, Jenna Berkowitz chats to Sam Beckbessinger about her new book Moving to the UK: A Concise Guide for South Africans.

Thinking of moving to the UK but don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed by the information coming at you after a Google search? Baffled by visa requirements? Worried about how your kids and your beloved pet iguana would handle it?

Fear not! Written by a seasoned mover who’s been there, done that and even brought back the tea towel, Sam Beckbessinger will hold your hand in this end-to-end guide to moving from South Africa to the land of tabloids, tweed, and terrible weather.

Inside, you’ll find helpful tips, funny anecdotes and thorough to-do lists to keep you on track. This guide covers everything from the practicalities of finding a job and a place to live to the cultural quirks of British life (yes, they really are obsessed with tea), equipping you with everything you need to know about fitting in on this weird, adorable island.

Pagecast offers you insider interviews with recently published authors, looking into the process of writing, exploring the narratives within and providing you with the story behind the story.

Listen to the latest episode here:

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