Jacana Media Solidarity Reads: The great outdoors awaits! Natural history ebooks at 21% off for 21 days

Solidarity Reads: Delivering the best ebooks Jacana Media has to offer at very special prices – 21% off for 21 days.

For the 21-day lockdown period Jacana Media is curating a series of ebook special offers from its extensive catalogue of titles.

The Jacana team commits to bringing you great ebooks that span genres from fiction and memoir, to natural history and political biographies.

Jacana Media Solidarity Reads Day 7

What will you do when the lockdown lifts?

We hope that at least one of your must-dos is to rediscover South Africa’s natural heritage, whether for its scenery or majestic creatures. Or both.

With an extensive natural history list of titles, Jacana Media is delighted to bring you these four books as you prepare for the great outdoors that awaits.


Hyena Nights and Kalahari Days

Gus and Margie Mills, newly married, trekked to the Kalahari to spend two years studying the little-known brown hyena. They were so enchanted by these captivating animals that they ended up staying for 12 years and uncovering a treasure trove of facts about the lives of both brown and spotted hyenas.

By studying the complex relationship between these predators and their prey they have been able to separate the myths from the reality. In so doing, the Mills have uncovered the significance of hyena behaviour within the larger sphere of the Kalahari ecosystem.

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African Wild Dogs: On the Front Line

450 is optimistically the number of African wild dogs left in South Africa. The immediate future of this large, dynamic, endangered carnivore is in the hands of a thinly spread, intensely committed network of conservationists, donors, state reserves and progressive landowners.

Brendan Whittington-Jones tells the emotional story of his journey with this endangered species, which starts with him receiving the opportunity to study wild dogs for seven years through the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). He is thrown into the challenges of real wildlife conservation, but then discovers the countless lessons in the complexity and fascination of wild dog management, anger management, diplomacy and optimism.

This book lifts the gloss and illusion off a wedge of carnivore conservation, and reveals a snapshot of characters (human and canid) and organisations that tread the murky waters of trying to ensure the species’ persistence in South Africa.

A selection of photographs taken by conservationists during their operations in the field accompanies the text.

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A Rhino in My Garden: Life, Love and the African Bush

In this intimate book, Conita Walker tells of surviving the WWII bombing of Berlin, witnessing the defeat of political systems in both Europe and South Africa, and eventually finding her true mission in the rescue and hand-rearing of black and white rhino orphans. Conserving rhinos became Conita’s life’s work. Along with Clive, her husband, the Walkers’ commitment to preserving these magnificent creatures continues to this day, and they form an invaluable part of what is now one of the leading private rhino sanctuaries in South Africa.

A Rhino in my Garden is an intimate and loving portrait of the life of a conservationist, from the inside. A must-have for all book clubs!

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Life is like a Kudu Horn

Cape Town journalist-turned-researcher Margaret Jacobsohn swapped city life for a remote Ovahimba settlement following Namibia’s liberation war. What she experienced shook her world view and changed the way she thought about people and nature – and highlighted our modern deficiency in ecological intelligence.

Drawn into the warmth and richness of rural community life over the past 30 years, Margaret has been part of a team that pioneered a way of doing wildlife conservation – an approach that was regarded as lunatic in the ’80s but which is today mainstream and demonstrably successful. Her work has won some of the world’s top environmental awards.

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