‘I wrote it for black women but men are finding value in it’ – Malebo Sephodi chats about her new book Miss Behave
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Malebo Sephodi says she is surprised at the response to her new book, Miss Behave.

Sephodi was chatting to Polity SA about the book, which details her journey as a black South African feminist.

What was important for me was to show feminist ideals, the theory, but make it practical enough to show how it interacts with our lived experiences,’ she explains. ‘So I don’t even mention the word ‘feminism’ in the book until the last chapter, just to counter certain arguments about what feminist theory is, whether it is a “white” theory or an “un-African” theory.’

Miss Behave challenges society’s deep-seated beliefs about what it means to be an obedient woman. Despite this, Sephodi says she found that a lot of men have been reading it and enjoying it.

‘I wrote the book for black women, especially those who are questioning, who are seeking for liberation. I didn’t write it for men. But I find that men read the book, and find value in it too. Some of them have come back to me and said “this is a life-changing book for me, as a man”.

‘So I wrote it for black women but men also find value in it.’

Sephodi is an activist and writer who takes special interest in gender, development, science and economics in Africa. She is the founder of Lady Leader, a platform that allows black women to just be.

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