Good mothers and shocking secrets: Gail Schimmel chats about her novel The Park
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Johannesburg author Gail Schimmel’s latest novel, The Park, is the story of three women, new mothers, who become close friends.

After meeting while taking their small children to the park, Rebecca, Lilith and Rose begin to behave like sisters within a short time. But soon Rebecca discovers one of her new friends harbours a shocking secret …

Her two park friends will change Rebecca’s life – and her family – forever.

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The author was a guest on Morning Live, where she chatted about the book.

Schimmel insists that while pieces of her characters are taken from her own life and those of people she knows, ultimately: ‘I am none of them! I write only fiction … it’s bits and pieces … I think all the characters are people I know, but not people I know at all!’


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