Get Me To 21 by Gabi Lowe
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In her brilliant memoir Get Me To 21, Gabi Lowe reveals the incredible journey she embarks on to save Jenna, a bright young girl diagnosed with a life-threatening rare disease. This is the untold true story of a mother’s courageous battle to get her daughter to 21.

In this compelling book, Gabi Lowe writes in the introduction, ‘It’s been three long excruciating years since you died, Jen. I know I have to tell your story, but it is overwhelming. I am immobilised by the enormity of it and cannot seem to start. Help me, Jen. How can I ever do you justice? How can I find the courage to relive it? But how can I not?’

Indeed, how could she not?

Jenna Lowe who died four years ago following an epic battle for her life and a double lung transplant. She captured the hearts of our nation and became a well-known advocate for Pulmonary Hypertension and Organ Donation through her #GetMeTo21 campaign. The campaign increased organ donor registration by 287% in a South Africa.

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