‘For me, writing is like being an actress’ – Sue Nyathi chats about getting into her characters’ heads and her new novel The Gold Diggers
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Sue Nyathi, author of The Polygamist and now The Gold Diggers, chatted to Africa’s Lit about her writing and the inspiration for her new novel.

In the video, Nyathi also discusses the similarities between herself and Portia, the migrant from Zimbabwe who travels to Johannesburg in The Gold Diggers.

Nyathi says when she writes she really needs to get inside her characters’ heads.

‘Characterisation is very important to me,’ Nyathi says. ‘And I think this book is told from an empathetic angle. I always say, until you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, don’t judge them.

‘For me, writing is like being an actress, in a way, because I get into the role, to make it believable. Otherwise you won’t be able to connect and relate to it.

‘That’s what it’s always been about in all my books, I think, characterisation is a very important aspect.’

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