Find out how to get your book published with Writers Write and Pan Macmillan South Africa

After you’ve typed ‘the end’ on your book manuscript, what do you do next?

‘Well, you go back to the beginning, is my advice!’ says Terry Morris, MD of Pan Macmillan South Africa.

‘And you re-edit, and you rework, and you relook at what you’ve written with fresh eyes, and edit yourself before you pass on to anyone else.’

Morris was in conversation with Mia Botha of Writers Write as part of its YouTube series on how to get your book published.

Watch the full series below!

Part one covers agents, royalties, and the entire traditional publishing process:


In part two, Botha talks to Sandile Nkosi from Pan Macmillan SA about author platforms, marketing, and the digital landscape in the traditional publishing process:


And in part three, Botha talks to staff from Pan Macmillan SA about the traditional publishing process:

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