‘Dad thinks lots of things are right-wing. He even thinks He-Man is right-wing’ – Like Sodium in Water, a memoir of post-independence Zimbabwe by Hayden Eastwood
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Like Sodium in Water: A Memoir of Home and Heartache by Hayden Eastwood is out in March from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

‘Dad thinks lots of things are right-wing. He even thinks He-Man is right-wing. I ask Dad who we are and he says left-wing. Left is opposite to right. If right is bad, then we’re the opposite of that, which means we’re good.’

It’s post-independence Zimbabwe and an atmosphere of nostalgia hangs over much of Harare’s remaining white community.

Hayden Eastwood grows up in a family that sets itself apart, distinguishing themselves from Rhodie-Rhodies through their politics: left is good; right is bad.

Laced with humour, anger and sadness, Like Sodium in Water is an account of a family in crisis and an exploration of how we only abandon the lies we tell ourselves when we have no other option.

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About the author

When not informing people about the inadvisability of push-starting motorbikes in close proximity to rivers, Hayden Eastwood develops cryptocurrency trading bots as part of a high-risk low-return business venture portfolio. Non-transferable skills from a doctorate in computational physics have likewise ill-equipped him for gooseberry farming, vehicle maintenance and relationships with women. He lives in Harare.


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