Cala by Laura Legge – a wondrous, incantatory debut novel set in the modern-day Outer Hebrides
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Cala by Laura Legge – a brilliantly original coming-of-age story from a new and powerful literary voice.

This book is perfect for readers of Sophie Mackintosh’s The Water Cure and Daisy Johnson’s Everything Under.

About the book

Cala, a stone farmhouse on the edge of a village in the Outer Hebrides, is home to four women – witches the locals say – who scratch out a living on its land. But after 10 years of relative harmony, fractures are beginning to appear among them.

18-year-old Euna is tired of Cala’s rigid hierarchy and arbitrary rules – the women must wear plain dress, attend strict rituals and consume only what they grow or gather with their hands. Sick of scavenged seaweed and thin soup, Euna decides to go in search of a different way of living.

About the author

Laura Legge lives and writes in Toronto. She is the winner of the 2016 PEN International New Voices Award. This is her first novel.

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