Birds of the world are portrayed in all their colourful glory by Tim Flach, the world’s leading animal photographer
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Birds by Tim Flach is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

Radiating grace, intelligence, and humor, and always in motion, birds tantalise the human imagination.

Working for years in his studio and the field, Tim Flach has portrayed nature’s most exquisite creatures alertly at rest or dramatically in flight, capturing intricate feather patterns and subtle coloration invisible to the naked eye.

From familiar friends to marvelous rarities, Flach’s birds convey the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Here are all manner of songbirds, parrots, and birds of paradise; birds of prey, water birds, and theatrical domestic breeds. The brilliant ornithologist Richard O Prum is our guide to this magical kingdom.

About the author

Tim Flach’s mission as a photographer is to better connect people to the natural world. His previous books from Abrams include Endangered (2017), More Than Human (2012), Dogs (2010), and Equus (2008). An honorary fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, he lives and works in London.

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