Roger Moore completed book manuscript two weeks before he died
 More about the book!

James Bond star Roger Moore completed the manuscript for an as-yet-untitled book just two weeks before his death, The Bookseller reports.

Publisher Michael O’Mara told The Bookseller:

When I published Roger Moore’s memoir, My Word is My Bond, nearly ten years ago, I thought it must be his swan song. After all, he was 80 years old and had done it all. In fact, Roger was only just getting started as an author: his 2012 Bond on Bond, a history of the film series was to be followed in 2014 by Last Man Standing, a collection of show biz stories, tall and short. What is more, Roger sent me the manuscript of  his last, as yet untitled, book only two weeks ago. It is a typically amusing and self-deprecating  look at old age; a suitable subject for a man in his ninetieth year.

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