Mozambique and Brazil: Analysing and investigating a historical relationship
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Brazil and Mozambique: Forging New Partnerships or Developing Dependency?, by Chris Alden, Sergio Chichava and Ana Cristina Alves, is out now from Jacana Media.

Forged in 1975, the relationship between Brazil and Mozambique has sparked debate in the international relations arena, especially with the ProSavana project that showed massive corruption in both countries.

Brazil and Mozambique analyses and investigates this historical relationship between the two countries.

The book aims:

  • To focus on the content of Brazil’s diversifying engagement with Mozambique, looking at the role of economic cooperation and development assistance in facilitating closer ties.
  • To analyse the circumstances surrounding the rising conflicts over the specific application of Brazil’s South-South Cooperation strategies with Mozambique’s resource, and construction sectors, among others.
  • To interrogate how social and cultural dimensions impact upon the penetration of Mozambican society by Brazilians.
  • To assess whether Brazil-Mozambican ties, celebrated by elites in both countries as representing a new form of development cooperation, is in fact producing a distinctively new partnership.

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