Listen to the new episode of Pagecast! Cato Pedder discusses her fascinating new book Moederland: Nine Daughters of South Africa
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This week on Pagecast, the podcast from Jonathan Ball Publishers, Cato Pedder, author of Moederland: Nine Daughters of South Africa, is in conversation with publicist Maryam Adams.

Moederland is a fascinating, unflinching and forensic work of non-fiction by Cato Pedder, the great-granddaughter of Jan Smuts, the South African prime minister responsible for heralding the age of apartheid.

In Moederland, Pedder travels the centuries from the 1600s, when Cape Town was a remote outpost of the Dutch East India Company, to the kraal of a Zulu king in the 1800s before doubling back to Europe and then culminating with the English Quaker aunt who defies apartheid to marry across the colour line. As anti-racist campaigners call out the statue of Jan Smuts in Parliament Square, Cato painstakingly excavates the long-forgotten life stories of the women of her prehistory, unpacking the legacy of her Afrikaans heritage and bringing their collective shame into the light.

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