Jacana Media Solidarity Reads Day 7: We need revolutionaries now!

Solidarity Reads: Delivering the best ebooks Jacana Media has to offer at very special prices – 21% off for 21 days.

For the 21-day lockdown period Jacana Media is curating a series of ebook special offers from its extensive catalogue of titles.

The Jacana team commits to bringing you great ebooks that span genres from fiction and memoir, to natural history and political biographies.

Jacana Media Solidarity Reads Day 7

If you are looking for concise and excellent introductions to a wide range of topics of African history, politics and biography, written by experts, our Pocket Guides are your best bet.

Today we bring you two of the bestsellers in the series, the biographies of Steve Biko and Thomas Sankara.

Steve Biko

by Lindy Wilson

‘Biko was appalled at what he saw all around him in South Africa at the time: “the black man has become a shell, a shadow of man … bearing the yoke of oppression with sheepish timidity,” he said.

‘He challenged black people not to be a part of their own oppression, believing that “the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”.’

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Thomas Sankara: An African Revolutionary

by Ernest Harsch

‘Sankara left a mark beyond his own country. During visits elsewhere in Africa or at international summit meetings, his speeches struck listeners with their forcefulness and clarity.

‘His frank criticisms of the policies of some of the world’s most powerful nations were all the more notable coming from a representative of a small, poor, landlocked state [in Africa] that few had previously heard of.’

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