Free mini workshop with Anthea Gardner, investment specialist and author of Make Your Money Work For You, in Cape Town (11 July)
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Jonathan Ball Publishers and Exclusive Books invite you to a free mini workshop by Anthea Gardner, investment guru and author of Make Your Money Work For You.

Do you dream of a future free of financial stress? One where you can afford to start your own business, travel or retire comfortably?

In Make Your Money Work for You, investment specialist Anthea Gardner shows you how to ‘sweat your assets’ and grow your wealth to achieve these dreams – and you won’t even need a degree in accounting.

Gardner makes the world of investing accessible by:

  • Illustrating why it’s important to know the difference between saving and investing
  • Explaining key terms, from ‘unit trusts’ and ‘retirement annuities’ to ‘compound interest’
  • Clarifying the role of different players, such as financial advisors and asset managers
  • Describing how easy it is to buy shares on the stock market

You don’t need millions to start. You can launch your financial future by investing just R100 per month. It’s time to take action and make your money work for you.

Event details

Date: Thursday 11 July 2019
Time: 18:00–20:00
Venue: Exclusive Books Waterfront, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
RSVP: events@exclusivebooks.co.za or 011 798 0180
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