Don’t miss the virtual book launch of #ImStaying and find out more about this incredible online movement (14 July)
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Penguin Random House invites you to the online launch of #ImStaying by Natasha M Freeman!

Radio presenter David O’Sullivan will be in conversation with Freemanand Jarette Petzer, the founder of the ImStaying Media Facebook Group.

Event details

Date: Tuesday 14 July 2020
Time: 18:30
Where: Join in on the #ImStaying Facebook Page at @ImStayingMediaSA
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About the book

‘Sometimes all we need is that tiny glimmer of hope, that tiny flickering flame in a room filled with darkness and despair, to turn our hearts and our minds around.’ – Jarette Petzer, #ImStaying founder

In September 2019, Cape Town-based entrepreneur Jarette Petzer posted a video on Facebook. It was an emotional recognition of the difficulties faced by South Africa, as well as a heartfelt plea to nurture everything he loves about this country. Friends suggested that Petzer start a Facebook page to continue the conversation, and #ImStaying was born.

Within weeks, 400 000 South Africans of every race, socioeconomic and political background joined the page to tell their stories of everyday life – of beauty, of hardship and the magnificence of their fellow citizens – and to share stories across cultural barriers, which many had never crossed before. By the end of December 2019, the page had more than a million followers, and it continues to grow.

Adhering to the maxim ‘Good Thoughts. Good Words. Good Deeds.’, #ImStaying is about South Africans creating social cohesion through storytelling – reaching out to each other to inspire real change in the country they love and want to see succeed, and shaping a new future out of a painful past.

This book provides another platform for the diverse voices and stories of the #ImStaying movement, as well as giving an overview of how this uniquely South African group came about and why it’s so important.


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