Don’t miss Elizabeth Nyamayaro’s Homebru Town Hall Q and A today! (2 July)
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Jonathan Ball Publishers and Exclusive Books invite you to a Homebru Q&A session with Elizabeth Nyamayaro, author of the new book I Am A Girl From Africa.

Elizabeth Nyamayaro is an award-winning humanitarian and former United Nations Senior Advisor on Gender Equality.

Born in Zimbabwe, Elizabeth has worked at the forefront of global development for over two decades improving the lives of underserved populations and has held leadership roles at the World Bank, World Health Organization, UNAIDS, and UN Women.

When severe draught hit her village in Zimbabwe, Elizabeth, then eight, had no idea that this moment of utter devastation would come to define her life purpose. Unable to move from hunger, she encountered a United Nations aid worker who gave her a bowl of warm porridge and saved her life. This transformative moment inspired Elizabeth to become a humanitarian, and she vowed to dedicate her life to giving back to her community, her continent and the world.

I Am a Girl From Africa is her first book.

Event details

Date: Friday 2 July 2021
Time: 13:30–14:30
Platform: Twitter

Use the hashtag #EBTownHall to ask your questions!

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