Cyril Ramaphosa reveals his passion for Ankole cattle in new book: Cattle of the Ages
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In his new book Cattle of the Ages, Cyril Ramaphosa reveals his passion and love for Ankole cattle.

The majestic breed originates in Uganda and now, through Ramaphosa’s intervention, flourishes in South Africa.

Ramaphosa reflects on the legacy bequeathed him by his father, Samuel Mundzhedzi Ramaphosa, who had to leave behind his cattle herd in Venda to find work in Johannesburg. Life in the city was tough and demanding, weakening Samuel’s links with his ancestral origins and causing the loss of his herd. The love of cattle runs deep in South Africans and Cyril is fulfilling his father’s legacy, instilling a new pride for South Africans with these remarkable animals.

The beautiful photography in the book is by Daniel Naudé.

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