#BlackLivesMatter: Race and Racism in Science – Watch a Jacana Conversation featuring Dr Dipuo Winnie Kgotleng, Silindokuhle Mavuso and Christa Kuljian
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If you missed any of Jacana’s Don’t Shut Up Conversations from last year, here’s your chance to catch up!

In #BlackLivesMatter: Race and Racism in Science, Dr Dipuo Winnie Kgotleng and Silindokuhle Mavuso discussed Darwin’s Hunch: Science, Race and the Search for Human Origins with author Christa Kuljian.

The event was held in partnership with The Origins Centre at Wits University.

Hundreds of people joined this energising conversation, from LA, New York, Finland, London and Limpopo, to listen to the group discuss their perspectives on the history of scientific racism and how race and racism are having an impact in academia today.

Gina: Amazing conversation. Everyone here has given me hope for the change that’s to come from everyone who is doing what they can to enact these changes.

Ilze: This has been an utterly amazing conversation. The truth is so powerful and the time is NOW.

Ciraj: There is scholarship on these aspects of Bleek and Lloyd which have been overshadowed by the dominant framework of recovery and liberal tutelage.

Watch the conversation here:


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Darwin’s Hunch explores how the concept of race in science developed over the past century and how scientists in the field of human origins have been shaped by their social and political context.

The debunked concept of ‘race typology’, which embraced the colonial ideas of white supremacy and racial hierarchy, informed the research questions posed by many scientists in South Africa, and around the world.

To purchase a copy of this book or Kuljian’s other publication Sanctuary: How an Inner-city Church Spilled Onto a Sidewalk please contact fox@boers.org.za.


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