An invitation to a Jacana Conversation – I Remember Nelson Mandela: A Tribute (30 July)
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Jacana Media invite you to a Jacana Conversation titled I Remember Nelson Mandela: A Tribute.

Fourteen of those who worked with Nelson Mandela remember special moments from their time together in this poignant, amusing and heartwarming video tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Meet Conroy Herandien who worked as a close protector to Nelson Mandela from 1996, Loïs Dippenaar who worked in the Office of the President and accompanied Mandela on some of his international trips, Tau Thekiso, a long-time member of the Presidential Protection Unit. There’s Hayley Jacobs, who worked in the Office of the President, Omar Suleman, one of Mandela’s bodyguards, Lydia Bergström who managed his residences and Wally Rhoode, who met him in prison, as well as working for him outside.

Elzette Botha, one of the protection team along with Linga Moonsamy, share some great moments. You’ll hear from Meme Kgagara, his residence manager during his retirement and Tasneem Carrim, in his communications team. Rory Steyn, protected Madiba from his inauguration until he stepped down and Bridgette Prince managed the HIV/Aids programme at the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Mac Maharaj who spent twelve years on Robben Island with Madiba.

All the contributors are introduced by Sahm Venter, author and co-editor, with Vimla Naidoo, of the classic I Remember Nelson Mandela collection.

These re-lived memories will linger in your mind and will remind you so vividly of the magic of Madiba.

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Date: Thursday 30 July 2020
Time: 6pm CAT
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About the book

I Remember Nelson Mandela is a collection of remembrances from those who worked with, for and beside Mandela.

More than one hundred individuals, from household staff to bodyguards and presidential advisors, have offered their memories, which provide warm, poignant and often humorous insights into what it was like behind the scenes with one of the most revered and beloved political figures the world has seen.

‘Nothing is more important than to be loved by your colleagues.’ – Nelson Mandela, 5 August 28, addressing the staff of the Nelson Mandela Foundation at a private celebration for his 90th birthday.

The collection is the dream-child of Mrs Graça Machel who, some months after Nelson Mandela’s passing on 5 December 2013, met with former members of his staff to thank them for their service.

Listening to their stories inspired the creation of this, the perfect gift book, providing readers with a glimpse into the man behind the title.


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